It’s beta day

Steam keys for the beta build will start going out to backers today, as I get to them.

If you want in ASAP or believe that you’ve been overlooked for a key, please email me right away with “beta key” in the subject. include your info as far as your method of backing and your name/email.

We’ll be using the Ghost Song Steam community forums to discuss the game. So head on over! Check this thread for basic need to know info, such as controls.

thank you!


  • Kabutak

    Man, I wish so badly that I could have afforded beta access. I have more hours than I can count in both Metroid and Souls games, and I’m so hyped for this title. Oh well, I’ll just have to keep watching the gifs that get posted once in a while to keep me going until release.

    • owl-14

      I feel your pain friend. This game is looking even better and better with every new post on twitter.

      • Kabutak

        We will have it some day. Until then we shall have to make do with similar games.