New Trailer and Beta Update!

Hey everyone!

Today I’ve released a new teaser trailer for Ghost Song entitled “Reborn”. Have a watch!

In other news, I’ve made an update to the Ghost Song beta build on Steam. See the notes here. If you still need a beta key, email me at Thanks!

  • Bryon

    this is just amazing it is soooo hard for me to get into these new flashy 4d games now days im an old school guy. I am a huge Metroid fan especially Super Metroid and after Shadowrun Dragon fall i have had a hard time finding a good game. where can i try a beta or back this or pre order? Also are you planning to release on The Alienware Alpha?

    • ttpete

      thank you :) it’s possible to back the game from paypal directly or from the humble widget if you prefer to use a humble page. either way, if you preorder the game and want to try the beta, email me and I’ll get you a key to try it. my email is in the article above.

  • bobbyloathesyou .

    I want to try the beta, but I am forcing myself to wait…

  • twins81041

    Hey Matt, I ordered this via paypal here. Love what you are doing and I even emailed you praising your work. I still haven’t received a beta, can you help me out? Thanks!

    • ttpete

      I don’t see any email, can you email me again at with beta in the topic? thank you!

      • twins81041

        Just did, thanks Matt! Fast reply!! :D Excited to test this amazing piece of art!

  • Brooks Cannon

    Hey Matt! Every piece of information and every screenshot only makes Ghost Song look even better. I can hardly contain my excitement any longer! So I have to ask, do you have a planned date for final release, or at least an idea of when we might see it released?

  • Benzeel

    Looks like a game I would love to play, but I’m a console gamer. What are your plans for releasing it on consoles?

    • ttpete

      it’s a priority, but depends on some tech stuff, so I can’t say for sure yet

      • Benzeel

        Okay, thanks for responding!

      • Malachi

        That’s great to hear!

  • Sajmon

    Is beta available for Mac? Can I play using keyboard only? BTW Awesome work!