Sorry about neglecting the blog :)

Sorry about neglecting it. I keep thinking I’ll use it to make updates and point people to the updates, but I have failed to do so. Gonna use this space again soon.

  • lateral0ls

    I’m glad to hear that, I just preordered this game. As someone who fell in love with Super Metroid as much as you did, and has played it to the point I can’t play it at all anymore. There’s no crevice of the Super Metroid map I haven’t gone over for at least fifteen times. This game is single handedly my most anticipated release of a single player game ever. Thanks for the vision you’ve shown so far :]

  • hstdbenji

    Woho, nice, it almost felt like this game was on halt or something sice i havnt seen any updates! Glad to see your still working hard, hope to see some updates soon! :)

  • Cosmo Traffic

    Yes, we need updates. I was beginning to think this game had been abandoned. You gotta keep in touch with the fans man. This thing could be huge. I’m really excited for it. Its sort of a pain creating an account on this site to make comments too. Ever think about setting up a ghost song facebook page?

    • ttpete

      There are constant updates they just aren’t usually on this blog because I thought no one read it :) I update twitter/facebook/kickstarter as well.