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    can people still get beta access to the game?

  • KeinGott

    I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this game. I have been hoping for something like this since Castelvania: SOTN. I know that, as an independent dev (still independent, right?), you have a lot to go through and a long road ahead. I know you make sacrifices, encounter delays, and have to cut material based on what is practical.
    Still, I hope you know that there are consumers out there who respect and appreciate your hard work. There are consumers who understand your difficulties or, at the very least, respect them. We – the understanding consumers – want you to take your time, enjoy the process, and accomplish everything you dreamed. We would rather see the fruition and embodiment of your efforts than be sold a game that failed your own expectations.

    Still, nonetheless, I have to say that the gamer in me wishes it were released months ago. *big grin*

    Don’t lose your ambition. Don’t lose your inspiration. Don’t lose your drive. Your fans – outspoken or not – are behind you and wishing you the best. We look forward to the end of this project almost as much as you.