Centaur Lab walkthrough

I decided to post a video showing a full walkthrough of Centaur Lab’s main section. There are annotations to provide insight, and a fun boss fight near the end.


  • Sergey Neryadihin

    release date please ?

    • Orlox Phoenix

      Dude, you can’t ask that kind of stuff. What you can ask is when is going to be updated the current beta build (and i really want to know that).

      • Sergey Neryadihin

        where i can download beta ?

        • Orlox Phoenix

          First, you pay it here in the store tab, and then you download it on steam. I think you need a code that matt gives you or something like that (i don’t remember that part very well. Too long ago)

  • Gaurav

    You’ve really nailed this intriguing, alien and creepy atmosphere, feeding a sense of wonder. At times, it is almost metroid-like, but still very much its own. Very excited!

  • 794

    Can’t wait for this, it’s going to be amazing. But be sure to take all the time you need, I’m all for supporting devs who want to make sure they get the game to meet their full expectations. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Gus

    What program did you use for the art and how did you learn it? New to game development and having some troubles. Also, what are the limitations of Stencyl?

    • ttpete

      I made the art in photoshop. Stencyl has some limitations but it’s hard to really discuss it here. It can be good depending on what your game design is. Generally speaking if your game design is pretty ordinary and doesn’t need anything too fancy — And is 2D — Stencyl can probably do it

  • Brian McInnis

    Hey, so since the world is now hurtling toward its demise at supersonic speeds, would you mind maybe speeding this up a bit? Thanks.

    • ttpete

      trying :D