Ghost Song was born as an ambitious flash game in 2012 using the Stencyl game development tool. At the time entitled “Project Soul”, the game was the result of my infatuation with Super Metroid and my frustration with there not having been a 2D Metroid game in ten years.

While the game was originally conceived with primarily Metroid on the brain (and aspects of this remains in the game to this day, as evidenced by the generally square shaped terrain and somersault jumps), as development went the game took on a life of its own. I started looking to other games for inspiration, including Dark Souls and Phantasy Star Online, as well as coming up with my own more original ideas. At some point I realized my dreams were too big for where a Flash browser game could take me. I wanted to make a full featured game.

Doing this would mean basically starting from scratch and completely rebuilding the game in a higher resolution. To facilitate this, I launched a Kickstarter with a modest $15,000 goal. The campaign ended up raising $54,000. Plans grew, designs grew, ambitions grew, and that lead me to where I am today.

Ghost Song is the embodiment of everything about game design I’ve learned that I like or dislike in a lifetime of playing video games. While I’ve been influenced by a great many things and have a particular love of old school survival horror, my modern design sensibility has been most strongly influenced by two games: Super Metroid and Dark Souls. I know it may sound played out at this point to say that one’s indie game is like Super Metroid and Dark Souls, but, in this case, there’s no more succinct a description. Anyone who plays Ghost Song for 15 minutes will see it.

This isn’t a game that leads you by the nose. This isn’t a game that stands over your shoulder and makes sure you “discover” everything. This isn’t a game that particularly cares if you discover everything.

I don’t believe innovation for the sake of innovation matters. I don’t care about reinventing the wheel. I just want to make the game I’d want to play, and that’s what I’m trying to do. That’s at the center of it all.

  • Created by Matt White of Columbus, Ohio, the game remains mostly a one man operation
  • Studio: Old Moon Games
  • Platforms: Confirmed for Steamworks PC, Mac, and Linux. Console versions are in the plans but not officially announced or confirmed
  • Release date: TBA 2016
  • Explore a large, connected, lonely world full of valuable secrets and interesting discoveries
  • Lonely, isolated theme
  • Fully voiced NPCs
  • Acquire many new powers and weapons, many of which are never required to finish the game
  • Touching story of family – Courage, redemption, closure
  • Feed ingredients to your pet that lead to mysterious and varying evolutions based on its diet
  • Challenging combat against varied creatures, zombies, and hunters

Contact: Matt White – twotimingpete@gmail.com
Download a .rar file containing screenshots, art, and logos

  • Brooks Cannon

    I can’t wait for this game. Near the very top of my list of most anticipated for 2015

  • Matthew White

    Weird, my name is also Matt White and I am also researching making a Metroidvania type game. What are the odds?

    • Bora Bosna

      Better move to Columbus :)

  • ttpete

    thanks guys :) and that’s a freaky coincidence, only other matt white I’ve heard of is some kind of folk singer or something


    It is in my wishlist.

  • mtlshdwoverlord

    This ended last month? GAH! If only I had browsed Kickstarter… I would have loved to back this. Oh well, at least I can still preorder it. Really looking forward to playing this!

  • Silvia Little Queenie

    I can’t wait to play it *-*

  • Lorens Johansson

    Is there a way to play the beta of this?

  • jimu

    Any chance this’ll come to consoles? My craptop is on its last legs

    • Made a profile to comment

      scroll up. like u didn’t evn read bullet points at the end.

      “Platforms: Confirmed for Steamworks PC, Mac, and Linux. Console versions
      are in the plans but not officially announced or confirmed”

      • jimu

        So that’s a no then?

        • ttpete

          If all goes well I’d love to, but I’m not tackling that until the steam version is done.

        • voidwalker

          a morbidly obese “maybe”

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtIze9NzB6sf1VHRQwri11Q RacerX

    Man I cant wait for this! 2 of my top 10 favorite games of all time (after 30+ years of gaming) are Super Metroid (aka Metroid 3) and The Souls series. I thought Axiom Verge was very well done and scratched the itch for a game of this type, but this just looks amazing.

  • TheSpamLover

    Hi Matt, any updates on the launch estimate?

    • ttpete

      probably fall? it’s hard man sorry :( but I’m plugging away. made some mistakes, etc, so the timeline is hard to say. but it’ll get done.

      • TheSpamLover

        No problem, just making sure every now and then that you’re still alive and well. :) We can wait.

  • ninjagonepostal

    I thankfully caught the video done by VaatiVidya and TeraMantis on YouTube and I’m kind of hyped about this game. I know that many elements are present from Metroid, which was a series that could never get my attention. However this game has me plastered wanting to play it. Can’t wait to see it hit shelves and display your talent and love for video games!

  • Badouken

    Man I forgot this game was a thing… “Estimated delivery: May 2014″ that’s probably why lol. Though I know you are probably busy working and perfecting this gem you can take all the time you want! It’ll still probably arrive before Nintendo makes another 2D Metroid game…

  • hstdbenji

    Hi! Maybe its time to update the release date on this page, as late Q1 has already passed. I understand that it takes time to make a game and that this release date was just an estimate. I still think it would be good with a new estimate of when you think the game will be released, thanks! :)

    • ttpete

      The game is still being made but it’s a one man effort so I just simply suck at timelines :( progress also seems to come in ebbs and flows, as much as I’d like to always be flowing (or ebbing?) it just seems to come out that way. I am afraid to make a new estimate JUST YET for fear of breaking it again, but I’ll let you know once I do have one

      • Chris Rojo

        Pete! Can I have a key or two!!

  • AlphaWolfeStar

    For only 15 dollars I can spend hundreds of hours trying to find everything I bet you’ve dastardly hidden, can’t wait to get paid.

  • Nickolaidas

    Really hope to eventually play this on my PS4!

  • Patrick Richmond

    I’m glad I saw the youtube video advertising your game. For what it’s worth, you’ll definitely have my support. I really like and appreciate what you’re building here. Take your time of course, thank you, and good luck!

  • Robert Logan Bachman

    For everyone giving Matt grief for taking a while to finish this game, slow your roll and chill out :) . No one except for him knows the amount of work and hardship he has poured into this. I am sure he works tirelessly on this game each day in addition to being a normal guy with regular life things to do. It will come out when it comes out and when it does, it will be amazing. I rather he take his time and make this piece of art the masterpiece I know it will be. If you have nothing else to do, play Metroid Prime over again. Dolphin Emu works great on a decent computer if you no longer own a G-cube. Just stay away from Other M. It’s so very very awful.

    • ttpete

      Thank you :) “Masterpiece” may be premature but if people at least think it’s a good game I’l be thrilled!

  • Chris Pratt

    How far out are you guys from completion? can’t wait to play this!!

  • LeonKillsAshley

    Will this game be coming to GOG? If so, if I purchase now, can I get a code for GOG when the game is released? Really digging what you’ve done so far.

  • Tz Live

    Update on that release date?

  • Hammer Street

    You’re an inspiration. I grew up in and went to college in Columbus (Capital/Ohio State). There are some great game makers in Columbus. It’s a growing scene. I don’t live there anymore but try and I keep tabs on it. I’ve known about Ghost Song for awhile now but when I saw you were from Columbus on top of it I couldn’t help but smile. Keep up the great work. I’ve pre-ordered and I’m looking forward to the release.
    Michael Beeghley