Media Roundup

Going to do a quick recap for the blog of some of the gifs and other media that I’ve posted on twitter and other places over the last several months. If you’ve been following me on twitter, some of this may not be new. The purpose of this post is to get the blog a bit more up to date before I begin making new posts featuring new information/content.

Neon Stalkers

Sad Crew Member Video

The Outlier


Running Critter video

Bug Kill

Fungal Charge




Fungal Giant

It’s beta day

Steam keys for the beta build will start going out to backers today, as I get to them.

If you want in ASAP or believe that you’ve been overlooked for a key, please email me right away with “beta key” in the subject. include your info as far as your method of backing and your name/email.

We’ll be using the Ghost Song Steam community forums to discuss the game. So head on over! Check this thread for basic need to know info, such as controls.

thank you!


Public Beta Coming Soon

Check out this straight to GIF mini trailer of the upcoming beta build for beta backers and other testers!

^ click for the full length gif trailer!

In other news, I’ve finally looked into the Steam SDK stuff and I’ve managed to get the build running on Steam. This is a load off my mind — It just makes it so much easier to distribute and update.