It’s beta day

Steam keys for the beta build will start going out to backers today, as I get to them.

If you want in ASAP or believe that you’ve been overlooked for a key, please email me right away with “beta key” in the subject. include your info as far as your method of backing and your name/email.

We’ll be using the Ghost Song Steam community forums to discuss the game. So head on over! Check this thread for basic need to know info, such as controls.

thank you!


Public Beta Coming Soon

Check out this straight to GIF mini trailer of the upcoming beta build for beta backers and other testers!

^ click for the full length gif trailer!

In other news, I’ve finally looked into the Steam SDK stuff and I’ve managed to get the build running on Steam. This is a load off my mind — It just makes it so much easier to distribute and update.

Droid Doors

There are some mysterious doors in the game that appear to be looking back at you.

(Click for larger size .webm video)

Nothing is going to pop up and explain what this door is or what you need to do. It’s not that kind of game. It, along with other things, is something you’ll just find and it’ll be up to you to figure out what to make of it or what, if anything, you can do.

Screenshot Saturday

The dash skill is performed with the bumpers. Left always dashes left, right always dashes right, regardless of what way you’re facing. The subtleties here are that you only dash max distance if you hold the button the entire time, you can let go at any point for the preferred dash length, and landing with pinpoint accuracy as seen here takes some skill.

The other bit of subtlety is that a backdash (not seen here — but it’s a different dash animation and it happens if you dash left while facing right or vise versa) has a bit less distance than the forward dash.

(Click for larger size .webm video)

Being a “metroidvania”, obstacles such as this are natural things you encounter while exploring. You may wonder what’s on the other side, you may wonder enough to try and bumble your way through without even having the requisite ability (in this case, dash) which leads to that odd sense of not quite belonging…