The campaign is over, but you can still support Ghost Song by pledging through Paypal. You will still be eligible to receive any tier or backer rewards listed below.

Some have asked me about how I will be keeping track of rewards if they pledge by Paypal. Basically, Paypal notifies me by email every single time someone pledges, and it also gives me the pledger’s name and email address. At that point I open up my spreadsheet in Google Docs and punch in the pledger’s information so that I know what they pledged and how to reach them.

There’s not ordinarily a confirmation email as a result of a donation, but all of your donations are being tracked.

If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to verify that your pledge was received, email me at and I’ll get right back to you.




Pledge $15
Game Tier! Get a DRM free, Windows PC & Mac digital copy of the game when it is released, including Steam code if available! (We are trying very hard to get this thing on Steam)


Pledge $25
Music Tier! Get the full digital soundtrack to the game, composed by Roger Hicks AKA Rekcahdam, famous for his work in games such as Celestial Mechanica and Seedling. Also all previous rewards.


Pledge $50
Beta Tier! Once the game is in a fully playable state but not totally done, you’ll have the opportunity to check it out and offer feedback to us, if you so desire. Also all previous rewards.


Pledge $100
Love Tier! When the game starts up, we’ll randomly display one Love Tier backer’s name and express our love for them. Also all previous rewards


Thank you!

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    Hello Matt, your game looks AMAZING! Really awesome.
    I’d Like to see it on Wii U, so, If I pledge here with paypal, will I be able to help achieve that goal?
    Thank you.
    (P.S.:Also, would I get a download code for the Nintendo eShop?)

    • ME4Twaffle

      I’m with this guy!

      • ttpete

        thanks :D I anticipate getting this on wii u sooner or later, and I honestly haven’t put a lot of thought into reaching the goal from paypal because — we’re sooo far off from raising that much from paypal.
        re. giving out eshop codes — it’s early to say how that might be handled, especially since we didn’t meet the goal, maybe I’ll have more info on this later.

        • ME4Twaffle

          I actually was totally unaware of your project until after funding ended. I’d be surprised if there aren’t enough people out there who WOULD be interested if they knew about it to make up the remaining 6K. Somehow, the word must be spread. :p

  • Francis Marier

    Howdy! I’m donating a second time since on Kickstarter it was cancelled (because of an error on my part). Everyone is excited and cannot wait for the release! Good luck to you and Ghost Song!

    • ttpete

      right on! currently trying to work out the new sprites for the main character, (higher res + a bit different) I consider this one of the most daunting individual tasks — because it has to be just right.

  • Yuki

    Gotta say this is really amazing work! I don’t care how long it takes you to make this thing happen, as long you manage to raise it to its full potential! It would be awesome to play it one day!

  • Dom Cuccurullo

    The wii u version?

    • ttpete

      I think a wii u version is likely, but I have nothing official to say on it yet. :)

  • Kent Johnson

    Just gotta say, thank you for making this game. I can see a LOT of homage to Super Metroid (Favorite game of all time). I’ve spent a lot of time using editing tools to make modded versions of Super Metroid but what you’re doing is just fantastic. I haven’t donated through kickstarter yet but I’ll see if I can find a way. Keep up this awesome work.

  • BravDef

    No 3DS/Vita?

    • ttpete

      hard to speculate on that. Vita sounds much more plausible than 3DS, though, getting a game with this many large assets to work in 3DS seems like it’d be challenging, plus I don’t believe 3DS can be exported to from Unity, which means it’d probably have to rebuilt entirely.

      • Gold_Ultima

        Now that the “New” 3DS has Unity support, any thoughts?

  • EvanescentHero

    Hey, I really can’t wait for this game! I pledged on PayPal because I unfortunately missed the KS campaign, and I look forward to getting it. Do you have any news on the Wii U version?

  • robotz

    Can you please put another pledge with the commplete coding and project unity, arts, and music rollaty free, so the desing can make another game like this. 300 us

  • VGMStudios

    Just found out about Ghost Song and I just donated.

    I do not usually give money to indie games cause nothing really interests me these days, but this.. this game is very intriguing and wonderfully done. I really like the graphic style and play style. It looks very dark and gritty with elements of light. A perfect combo. Being the worlds #1 Metroid fan the influences I see are most evident & I am really happy to see developers like you take queues from that series. I thought it would really be crime if I didn’t support this wonderful game. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for considering putting this on a Nintendo console even though most developers like to skip over it. One question though. Will it have a map system a la Super Metroid, or be more like Metroid (NES) with no map system? Will it have a stackable gun upgrade system? I also hope you are not planning to baby the player like most games do with all the soft and hard secrets in the game and be mostly like the good old gaming days (NES/SNES). I wish you all the best with the release and I really looking forward to playing. Cheers!

  • kizak

    I’ve looked around but could not find any current info about this coming for the Wii U so I’d like to ask for an update on this please. As I also would like to pledge to the cause of it making it to the Wii U.

    • ttpete

      my answer is unfortunately still the same — that I would love to but don’t know yet. I think there’s hope but it involves technologies being developed by other people that I am not in control of. if you want to back soley for wii u and nothing else, then I’d suggest not backing yet until we have more info. thanks :D

      • kizak

        Thanks for the quick reply! Though it is a shame, I have to say the work you have put into the game already is a something to look forward to, even if it’s not for the Wii U. So I’ve backed you and your continuing effort on the game. I’m looking forward to it and goodluck!

  • André Denisson

    How does “Pre-order on paypal” work? Do you send a message to the email you use on Paypal? I backed this a few months ago and i wasnt sure how this will work. Was before i knew that i could preoder on HB store. Thanks and the game looks great!

    • ttpete

      I use the paypal email address as a contact unless you specify otherwise. I maintain a spreadsheet of info that’ll be used later to distribute things. there’s not ordinarily a confirmation email but if you have any questions email me directly and I’ll answer right away. twotimingpete@gmail thanks! Matt

  • Ricardo Marques

    Dude, I’m a big fan of your work. Seriously, I can not wait to play this wonder that you’re doing. I also have the dream of someday be able to make a game like you. sorry for the english, I’m using google translator. Really wanted to make a contribution, but I’m having trouble with paypal, it does not accept my card. Again thank you for bringing back the icon that was metroid, of course, with many improvements. Greetings from Brazil, thanks.

    • ttpete

      thank you — honestly, I’m not sure why your card won’t work. Paypal is a service I don’t have direct control over. Have you attempted contacting their customer service?

      thanks again, let me know if you have any other questions.


      • Ricardo Marques

        Yes! I got through Amazon’s payment system! I made a payment of $ 50 to be able to contribute at least a little with the game! Again thank you for bringing back the unique feeling of playing something like super metroid. Great work man, keep it up!

  • Shane Stevens

    I’m really interested in this, but seriously, $50 for the beta tier? This practice of charging extra for beta testing has become thoroughly disgusting.

    • ttpete

      this was decided back during the kickstarter campaign, when you’re sort of in that mode, trying to figure out where the tiers should be. it’s a mix of ideas you get from other projects and some you come up with yourself. If I were deciding this now, I’d certainly consider lowering this tier, that said, it’s not just a ‘disgusting’ attempt to extract money — people who are testing a game are going to be playing something that is incomplete and may have problems, so it may be preferable to have people who are more invested and more interested than most doing this activity.

      if you don’t want to test the game or think it’s not worth it, I’d encourage you to just wait until the game comes out and make a decision then.



  • http://butt-news.butt Abon Camus

    I am going to buy the living shit out of this game, It might even result in the need to replace my lappy’s touch pad and probably every key pressed during the transaction…ostensibly, I might even have to go through a few keyboards due to not being able to press the same key more than once– on accounts of pressing them so hard, which comes with terrain of buying things really, really hard.

  • Francisco Anaya-Alvarez

    You caught my attention, brought out my love for the Metroid Side scrollers, and intrigued me with a Dark Souls miasma. With all this, you shall receive my donation. :P

  • michael vivirito

    This is a very beautiful game

  • arpia

    Is it still possible to swag a beta code if I buy the 50 tier?

    • ttpete

      I’d give you a code if you backed, (you don’t have to back at that tier, either) but the beta isn’t being actively updated anymore, so you’d be checking out a dated version of the game.

      • arpia

        Appreciate the head-ups. I don’t mind if it’s dated though. I just want to try it for myself ^.^

        • ttpete

          thanks, I sent you a key :)

  • Beanagespan

    Any news on this game?

    • ttpete

      still werkin ;)

  • Major Tom’s Coffee Cup

    This may be a stupid question, but at this point if we back could we get access to the beta? I understand it is no longer being supported, but this game looks fantastic. Great work so far!

  • Julien-Pier Bélanger

    I just found out about this game!
    I am effin broke, but I will support this project because I LOVE when art and game are fused together in a compelling way.

    • ttpete

      thank you =)

      • Julien-Pier Bélanger

        It’s a pleasure! I can’t wait to play it! But, at the same time, I can.
        Keep us hanging but not too long =P